Second Consultation & Initial Designs

On April 25th, our architects- Klas and David- returned to Norris Green to present their initial design ideas to the public, community partners and church members.  These are initial conceptual ideas that will form the basis of the final designs, not approved plans, but they give a good idea of what the design team is imagining.  Check out the sketch images below and let us know your thoughts!

Front cropped-front-road.jpgcropped-front-view.jpg

A repeated observation about the current Christ Church Community Centre is that it is not very visible, even by those walking directly past it!  The current hedge row restricts visibility into the building and fails to reflect the welcoming ethos Christ Church is seeking to communicate.  These designs would open up the front of the building to the street, by removing the current iron fence and hedge, and also redesign the current entrance of the building to create a more attractive and welcoming front to the building.  The new multi-purpose rooms adjacent to the old centre will be open and visible to the public through the large picture window, and be able to host a range of activities.


The interior of the building will use the existing spaces to enable a bright, open and flexible interior, with ease of access to all parts of the building that can work independently or in conjunction with one another.ground floor colour

side garden

As people enter through the expanded entrance, they will be able to glimpse through into the hall space and into the gardens.


Between the entrance space and the hall, there is a ‘breakout space’ which can be used as an independent space or increase capacity of the hall.

breakoutbreakout closed

The Hall will use natural light to create a bright, open and beautiful space that will look out onto a large south facing garden.  The seating will be movable so, alongside worship services or other seated events, such as performances and public meetings, it could be used as a large open space for dance, drama and parties etc.hall open


A striking feature of the new centre will be the large south facing garden that will be visible from almost everywhere in the building.  The open design allows the building and garden to compliment one another offering what we hope will be a very beautiful space for the community to access.gardenback aerial


aerial view

first floor colourground floor colour

The design consultation phase of the project has now ended.  For further information please get in touch.

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