Responding to the challenge – a new way forward

We last wrote about the challenge of raising funds for our project, highlighting the article written by Bishop Philip North about the distribution and sharing of wealth across the Church of England.  Over a year on and no significant steps towards our funding target,  we’ve been thinking creatively about affordable ways we can maybe resource our church, mission and community with a useable space that responds to some of the many needs we identified through our church and community consultation.

We feel we may have a solution – one which is used by many organisations, businesses and public services – an affordable building that will serve us for the foreseeable future – in short, a portacabin!

We have been looking into options to purchase a (refurbished) 8 bay cabin which we hope (subject to planning and funding etc) can be positioned on our church site, opening up the wider site to the beautiful garden and giving an affordable, accessible and useable space.

It will provide a good sized, modern hall space with toilets, a simple kitchen and some storage space.  We think it’ll be great for use by all ages in the church and community.

We hope it will be used for all sorts of things.  Maybe

  • dance for kids or tea dances for the elderly
  • gathering of all ages for worship or for parties
  • bollywood armchair exercises or learning martial arts
  • training courses for local people or community meetings
  • serving local people and meeting needs in partnership with our Foodbanks and Norris Green Debt Advice

We’d be open to ideas and approaches!

The hall will open out through double doors onto our beautiful church community centre garden – a place to relax, have fun, do a spot of gardening and enjoy the fresh air.

Over the years we have been seeking God and longing to enable Christ Church to serve Him and our community more effectively – we are still praying for His guidance and provision.  Whilst we’d love to have the fabulous building that was designed in response to the consultation, we just can’t afford it;  hope this latest idea will come to fruition… and fairly quickly!

Please join with us in prayer.  If you would like to know more about these latest ideas or feel you can contribute to bringing this vision to a reality, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Thank you to all who have been journeying with us and supporting us, we hope you will continue.

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