A sign of hope – Christ Church Cabin has arrived!

Our 8 cabins were craned into place on Tuesday 17th March, just about completing as the sun went down…. on a day that will be remembered for many reasons, the newspaper headlines that day were rightly not about the arrival of our Cabin in Norris Green, but that ‘Life was put on hold’ as the UK was taking it’s first significant steps into lockdown to help protect lives and support the NHS facing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was a very strange day – unprecedented in so many ways. Into the anxiety and unknown our Cabin was ‘birthed’, a further sign of hope for what is to come in our comunity life after the lockdown. We have always believed that there was a need in our community for this Cabin, we now believe that the need will be all the greater and we hope it will soon be serving our community and church.

And our hope is based on God, same yesterday, today and forever…. we continue to trust God who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask for or imagine, by His Spirit at work in us…. may this Cabin, in time bring Him glory and be a blessing to all people.

In the meantime, much of Christ Church has another new, unexpected home…. a virtual home…. do follow us on Facebook, You Tube and wherever you can find us. Get in touch if you want to receive our notice sheet by email and please pray for our work in the community most especially serving the most vulnerable and our Foodbank which continues to open each Thursday morning.


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