Serving Norris Green in prayer and action

We’re committed to praying our way through the pandemic and doing all we can to stay safe and keep others safe. Many in our congregation are working on the frontline, as are others in our community. At our services on You Tube and on Zoom and in our personal prayers… we are holding our community and world in prayer.

We’re also involved in working in partnership with others in our local communities, seeking to serve those who are struggling in all sorts of ways. We’ve been involved in distribution of food parcels and last week we helped distribute 100s of activity packs from Feeding Britain and about 70 craft bags to families who we work with through Triple C.

Another important step has been towards opening Food Pantry – part of a network of community food stores, creating a sustainable and long-term solution to food poverty and helping the UK save money on their food bills. We hope to open our membership this week for local people (in Norris Green) to be able to sign up and start accessing our store. Our Pantry will at first be a ‘pop-up’ pantry…. but very soon we hope that we will be able to open in Christ Church Cabin!


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